Sunday, April 1, 2012

Twilight of heart

What is it called, my dear?
Time was going so fast
Turned everything into gold and burnt it into trash
We were share the days and laugh carelessly
Like we were a boss, we were the God

How is it happened?
Silence is exists
Nobody to blame, nothing to be complained
We were fine, we had the dream to reach
We seemed forget about the world

I have no idea how should I react to this
It burns my head and leads to tears
How do I tell my friends what breaks me now
It drives me insane and the shame on me
I'll be fine but it takes time

What was in your mind?
Was there any of me?
You made me fly then let me fall hardly
You brought me into the grey world above nowhere
Or was it only me being so naive and dumb

I actually fine and numb
It wasn't that hurt but it broke my hopes
Call me an absurd dreamer but you're a coward
Why there's no truth revealed before?

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