Thursday, April 5, 2012

A story of me

Don't wish I'd give you a pretty face doe! xxx
There are so many things happened in my life in the past few months. Either good or bad, I couldn't decide. I, somehow, believe that everything's happens in my life has a good side for my future. That isn't wrong, but not truly right. I could say my life is a jeep through amazon. Ha ha ha, abit hyperbolic, but well I might experienced that ordinary people don't even able to imagine. Dark but bright.

As a kid, I was raised by perfect small family. I have a very talented mother. I never able to stop eatiing. She was advanced in baking and cooking. No wonder, my kindergarten teachers always asked my mom to cook for them if they had school event. Although my mom was pretty busy. I was often there ment to help but ended tester everything. Ha ha ha. While my father is abit artist, I liked to be photomodel at that time, so almost everyweek I did photoshoot with my dad. He also really loved me and spoiled me. I have an older brother that very active in social. I should admit I was a heartcather child. Why so? Almost everyone will instantly in love with me when I'm around. Pretty face, smart, and lovable. Seriously, it's not a narcissm but reality. I usually got whatever I wanted. What a life!

I loved Barbie devotedly much as a little girl. From the beautiful doll, onto my daily needs such as shoes, bag, skirt, even make up kit. I have experienced many competition in modeling and MC. Who was the winner? ME! Further, my extended family also perfect. Grown up in mother-side family which is Chinese made me a little bit cocky but still adorable though. Majority of them were very rich, I was middle-up class. We went to Singapore and attended Star Cruise: Star Virgo trip and it was amazing. I have so many cousins and few cutie dogs. Of course, if remember Chinese I was always excited if Lunar New Year was coming. It's like a sign for me to got new Barbie.

Unfortunately, when I was 10 or 11 every perfect things about me is broken brutally. My parent divorced, domestic violence that my dad had done would never forgotton until I die. It wasn't only once but many times. Crazy! I moved to another smaller house with mom, down grades in life. There I was grown up to be a tough mommy girl. I forced to use pubblic transportation each day. I bought my credit phone by my own money from MC job in a TV channel. Lucky though I have talent and kind of friendly person. I could blend easily with many people.

In junior high school, I found another perfect life. I became a famous one in my school. Almost every event I was choosen as MC, and also became an ambassador for my school and went for promotion to many primary school. Not only that, I spent three whole years joined PASKIBRA SAKAKIBARA MAYAD or an extracuriculler like corps or something. A little but not small Ketty was choosen to be an assistant editor in chief school magazine, while the editor in chief is my teacher. Meant I'm the head of students journalist. Wall magazine also in my duty. And many event that I was counted as secretary or publication crew. I had a famous gang as well.  We were the queen at that time. Friendship was more than everything. I love them.

Then, I should step forward to Senior High School a super duper complete different world I should face. My school is public school or governmental school. Can you imagine? No more spoiled students. Almost all teachers are careless and If I may to be honest, incompetent. Only a few teacher that made me respect and thankful to had them. It was hard to adaptating at first, I used to be a student that got everything from school because I could protest, but not there. I was trained to be more and more way indipendent. We want to make event, we have to find the money by ourselves. Money from school already corrupted, by teacher of course.

What the best moment of it was I finally got a chance in a National Teen magazine. Started as couched short story writer, then entering freelance journalism world, and since then I officially being a freelance journalist till now. My life would be useless if I wasn't do that, to be honest. By that, I am experienced and able to explored my talent and my self. I could learn how to be stylist and to be more professional in my age. Not finish at there, a teenage Ketty also more creative than that. I made documentary film for The Body Shop Indonesia and won 3 from 4 awards. Which are : The Best Movie 2009, The Best Category "Violence Against Women", and The Best Scoring. Millions rupiah I got. I got my blackberry and many expensive stuff. It was a second stepping stone after Kawanku Magazine.

But beside those pretty things happened in my life, shit happens. You know, I was failed entering my favourite university for 3 times. That was more than nightmare. I fallen to the ground. Then I refuse to study in others Universities. Such a cocky girl I regret that now. And then I started Dutch Course at Erasmus Taalcentrum, it was a brilliant idea and i love it to the death. One day, my mom told me that she had something on her chest. Yes, terribly cancer on her breast. Horrible time. She only survived a year then passed away. That is the deepest fallen i've ever been through. I was not only fall but buried. Mom was everything in my life. She was the only one who listened and believed all my shitty dreams. And she helped me to make them come true each by each.

Now, the young adult Ketty is here. Still here. Haven't change much from before, still fragile but tough. I thank God to gave me a wonderful wonder woman as my mother, to gave me such a strong life journey, and gave me precious also priceless experiences. I want to stand on my own feet now. So that I'm tryig to do business. It's a gambling I admit, but there's no reason to be scared of and there's no wrong to try and struggle. there's a will and there's a way, i believe.

While about love life I pretty much just can tell about broken heart. Guys always broke my heart. But I enjoyed it, they gave inspiration to write poems and short story about broken hearted girl though. hahahahaha. I would say, I kind of precious person if you have me as your partner. Eventhough I am abit complicated but sophisticated. I have style, brain, and experience, also heart. ha ha ha. It's so cheesy and annoying to my self to say such a thing. lmao. Well this is life, wether I like or not i have to go through and win, right?

Remember, if you love me as anything you want, don't pity me, but give me courage and support. Or tons of money lmao. I love you all. :*

A random silly lady,


  1. You are a tough girl, I believe that. You are not going to fall too deep in that rabbit hole, believe me.

    But I always find your english is er.. let's say "interesting"....

    1. Tough in certain times. haha. Thanks babe!
      Anyway, i know my grammar is such a mess. But it is the way i practice. lmao. get home darla!