Sunday, April 1, 2012


“What if the love that you feel is real?” You have no idea why have crush on someone is fucking complicated, especially when he/she is thousand miles away and you probably have no power to kill the distance. Is it wrong to fall for someone you never met in real life? No, for me it’s totally right. But it doesn’t mean all people you’ve met through internet are ‘real’. Most of people think dating or in relationship with someone we’ve never met is a big mistake, but for me it isn’t. Eventhough not all relationships work this way, i believe the love that we feel is true. I admit it is depressing when you have a boyfriend or girlfriend but unreachable. You want to be hugged, cuddle, morning kiss, or even just holding hands, but you can’t. But can’t we think distance is only a test? If you can pass it then your love is definitely strong and pure. And it’s freaking possible. LDR can be sweet though. Such as my friend, she is dating a guy from middle east, and today is her boyfriend’s birthday. they just spent hours chat on webcam, and shared so much love, laughs, and happiness. She gave him a meaningful present, in my opinion. She drew a world’s map and put beautiful words. In relationship like this, every word just become so precious. Then it shows, relationship is not always about sex. ha ha ha. Well, if you don’t agree with this, just respect it. :)

i found this post on my tumblr. i feel to repost it. x

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