Sunday, April 29, 2012

I miss you to move on

I miss you...
It's not about the fling that I had
No more about sweetshit time we've been through
I just miss you...

We shared the laugh because we felt happy, werent we?
I dont give a fuck to the word called love anymore
It's not for us, is it?
I just miss you and I deep in the fun conversation
Aint it right?

I miss you...
It is the stage when my heart ready to let you go completely
No hate, no anger, no revenge, just no more about you...
But it has to passed the moment
The moment when i truely miss you...
Because I do...

I miss you, and I mean it.
i was love you and the love was real
I miss you, i just do...
Before suddenly we both just being strangers again
So now, take it seriously, I miss you!


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