Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Loneliness drama

Since my mom moved to Heaven, i have nobody to lay with and share every single thing in the night. Not even to just get a warm hug, or cry with when life is being terribly hard. Then being single is another part of it. In the middle of 2011, I could claim it as the worst time in my entire life, ever. My boyfriend broken up with me, then I can't feel my mom's breath anymore forever.

I was run and run and run. Try to think everything's gonna be fine just need a little time to adaptating. Well yea, a little time to realised, I am so fucking lonely. So does this night. I am forced to pass night by night of lonelliness. Pity. Friends, they are care but they have their own lifes.

I'm wishing someone to laugh with or just share a bottle of champagne or just simply hug to forget all matters. Wish is always be wish. It's not gonna happen. Forever alone. Ha ha ha ha. I miss everyone that used to rock my day and night. With a light convos, or even deep convos. But I miss my mom the most.

Staying at home alone almost all the time not make me feel cozy after pretty long time. I can't lie to myself forever. I am lonely. Mommy, i need you more than i need to breath.

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