Sunday, January 30, 2011

Worth Sunday at workshop blog with KaWanku

Hello Sunday!!!
Yeah at the moment I'm at @atamerica at Pacific Place.
Attending KaWanku magz's event, workshop blogging with Raditya Dika and Tiffany William also talking about cervical cancer with dr @adhiatama .

While I'm listening to Raditya Dika speaking about blogging, let me tell a bit about cervical cancer. I have made a documentary film about this, because of that I got a lot information about this cancer. As a woman, cervical cancer is frightening us. Well, it is dangerous but you don't have to be worry.

dr @adhiatama said there are two important points to prevent cervical cancer, which vaccine and pap smear. Have u heard bout that two? So far I knew vaccine for cervical cancer are three times. It's able for woman from 10 to 55 years old. While, pap smear is able for woman who already did sex. By that I means not virgin anymore.

Well hopefully we will not infected by cervical cancer. AMIN. And there's another things to prevent like be faithful with ur partner. To be honest, sex before 17 years old cause cervical cancer too.

You must be jealous because I'm listening tp Raditya dika presenting his ideas about blogging! Hahahaha *devil laugh* well blogging is not always be a personal diary. And for me, it's a gado-gado. Haha can be personal diary, fashion, for publish articles, and so on and so on.

Pssssst, I haven't tell you yet about @atamerica at Pacific Place... Huh. You should know, it's GREAT!!!!!!! Technologies are common here. And I'm using iPad now, hihihihihhi. If u are Indonesian please arrange your time to visit this place. First cultural center of America in Indonesia. You can find out a lot about America cultures. And you also can try iPad like I'm doin now. Hehe *blush*

Sassan I miss KaWanku so bad! *means I'm in that magazine hehe* well for school girls who needs knowledge, fashion, ways to be unbeatable fun girls, lovable girls, and positive just read KaWanku magazine!!

You just life for once, don't waste your life without experiences.

NB : Raditya dike said Indonesian ghosts are funny, not scary. Hahahaha.
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  1. Wow! Knewing you were attending American Culture event. Why I didn't accompany you, my campus told me about that event. But, I was refused it caused preparation of my first final exam as next military psychologist.

    Actually, in my opinion about IT uses in Indonesia. IT it's just like a food. It's a common thing. But as well-educated people, this is our homework to educated other Indonesians to use technology properly and adecquately.

  2. wat jammer! u should be come huh! haha i was really freak there,well that was my first time used ipad and pretty stupid. hahaha. well the place was very interesting and amazing! you must see it! we can visit it together later.