Saturday, January 15, 2011

Met a hero!

hello blogreaders!
Wow im so happy be able to update this blog again!
How are you everybody? Im so good!
Its weekend, hopefully it become a wonderful weekend.

Today, i wanna write about a hero. Well, its a real hero.
This is mr.Sugimanto L. one of soldiers in 1945, when Indonesia was fighting to get our freedom.
I met him in independence day on Indonesia in 2009, at Monumen Proklamasi Central Jakarta.
He told me alot at that moment, he gave me a wisdom smile.
Hopefully, someday i can upload the video when he told his story in war.

Now, his age isnt young anymore, he cant fight and carrying gun anymore.
But really, it is very nice to see a person from history.
I could imagine what if im being his grandchild, everyday he telling me about his time in the past.

Well, even he just an ordinary soldier at that time, he is still a hero for Indonesia.

*really i dont know what to tell, but im trying. and its cheesy. hahahaha. sorry guys!*

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