Sunday, January 2, 2011

ballads of unrequited love

Its a ballads about someone who have been gone to somewhere i cant imagine.

The sound of your wheels tickling my tears
Its been along time, since the last time we share a stare
Then i saw you walking away, leaving this ground
Then i felt so clumsy...
Youre away so far and maybe never see each other anymore

O o o.. if you could hear my voice
i want you to stay a bit longer
give me away a smile for last
Then i am sure i'll be okay

But please please please
Let me breathing in your arms
Say to me you'll be okay out there
Tell me you'll never change even i know 'impossible' chance so wide

The time is up, bell warn me out
well is it the only way or maybe the last way i could do
i will let you go
and blow away the feeling between
ya ya ya you are gone for forever
at least for me...

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