Friday, November 5, 2010

hey folks!

Hey it's been long time since my last post. Then i've been missing to posting alot on my blogspot. Well even i try to full fill my new tumblr. Anyway, this blog is da best. hahaha. *wink*

Its already November, nearly closing this year. Wihi its time to me to tell something.

First, i wanna tell my regret about disaster(s) in my exotic cpuntry, Indonesia.
After alot crazyness about the goverment and now about the nature. Starts from Merapi erruption, continue with tsunami at Mentawai, then Wasior flooded, and now almost 21 more mounts showing dangerous activities. So bad. Ya i know. And do ya know my home flooded alittle too? Fortunately its not that bad.

Ah ya, i havent tell yet that i was accepted in HAN University, Arnhem, Netherlands. With business communication as my major. But, im not into it. I still waiting for the result from my application for Hanze University, Groningen, Netherlands. And the major is really suits in me, International Communication. :D

Well in 2011 can or cannot i should continue my study. Either in Netherlands or in Indonesia. Ah ya, of course my major is communication. haha. Education is important for me. For my dreams too.

i've been attending Nederlans (Dutch language) course at Erasmus Taalcentru for 5 weeks, and tomorrow is the 6th weeks. yep, i already met few native from Netherlands. Thats fun! And will share a little in Nederlands.

hello, mijn naam is Ketty Tressianah. Ik leren Nederlands van Erasmus Taalcentrum. En ik wil studeer van Nederland. Ik ga naar Erasmus met de motor met moeder. Elkedag ik ben online msn. enzovort enzovort. puntje puntje puntje. :D

Hows it? Fun? hihi. Thats only few simple zins. hahaha.
Ah ya i wanna tell you to enlarge your dreams as huge as you can, because with a big dream you can start to makes your life better. And remember there is nothing impossible. Dont stay at your comfort zone.

Im begging your please to pray for my mom, she have a dangerous illness. And hope she will recovery soon. And guys, please pray for her, thanks. If you dont mind, pray for me too, hope im accepted in Hanze univ, and get the scholarship. Thanks for everythings.


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