Monday, July 19, 2010

New me, new hectic days

Hey fellas, finnaly i can post some words. hihi.
Well, since July 1st im terrible busy. Yeah you know, now im working at office Mon to Fri. Thats sucks but fun anyway.
My office pretty far from home, at BSD, and needs like 45 minutes to arrive there.
But i love my office, because its only small office but very friendly.
I learning much here.
I cant budgeting, cant translate as well as proficiency on english.
I cant communicate so friendly everytime, but here, i should do, i do, and it works.

Well one thing i dont like being here is, the office hour, pretty long, more long than usually. 8 to 5. hmmm.
But its my bridge to success.

My days getting flat. So flat maybe.
I just have weekend to relaxing and hang out. So short and not satisfy.
But okay. Let me say it again, its a right place to learning.
yes, im studying here.
More thank studying in college.

Have you think, your teacher in university or college maybe never know the practic being managing editor. And i already learn. Good? I hope so.

I really miss my high school days even its fucking bad.
I really deeply miss my high school friends, theyre so lovable and coloring my days.
i miss my teachers too.
I miss my uniforms, for first time.
I really miss wake up at 5 and late and then i need to run and asked forgiveness from teacher. lol

Life must go on, right?
Well here i am.
new me, new session of life, i hope i can be a better person. Amin.

And I hope, GOD makes my dreams come true at the right time, studying in Holland. AMIN.

I love you as always gals and guys!
cup cup muaaah.

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