Monday, July 12, 2010

final worldcup

World Cup 2010 is end. Yeah, even Netherlands lost, its still cool match. Hard to make a goal.
Today (yesterday exactly) i was meet up with my cousins, after long time no see, finally we met!
Rico back from Surrey, England, and Icha back from Pontianak, Kalimantan.
I've been two years didnt meet Rico, and almost a year didnt meet Icha.
I really miss both of them.

And im sad because i cant join them watching final match together because i should work this morning huh.
And Netherlands lost :'(
Well im more sad when Indonesia lost huh. haha. Oh sorry, never win. hahaha.

hihi, my kittens so cute. Black n White. The black one is so naughty, often run around me and biting my fingers. And the white one is a girl, i think i will name it Blossom. hihi. Like Powerpuff Girls. :D

Good bye World Cup 2010, my favorite teams lost at all. haha. Bad luck huh.
wanna sleep bye.

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