Sunday, May 9, 2010

galau queen in the air :s

Hello folks, good morning.
Hows your sleep? i hope you sleep well.
Anyway, i feel a little unwell.
Why? because something i cant tell fully.

Now, i just cant hold to write whatever in my head.
A little unnormally heart beating.
I have lots of question now.
Its like make me curious but make me hurt too.
Have you feel like this?
I hope you never feel it.

Sometimes i hate my self, why so serious?
i never think so complicated like now.
Specially about feelings.

I dont know, with who i should share, with who i should ask, with who i should cry.
I know it hurt my self, i know it hurt someone too.
But, i cant deny this feeling.
When you curious and jealous in the same time.
Why oh why?
I never do this before.

Its not about 'who', but its about 'what'. *should i tell you, i dont like her!!*
What they did before im here?
Do they did the same things like i do?
How first they meet?
How first they laugh?
How i can feel this?

too much question, my fingers like in the jail when i wanna typing this.
Like, a big line dancing, NEED YOU ASK THAT?? yeah need i?
I should didnt do this, buuut, i cant hold this.

Why oh why?
I make my self like a loser.
yeah, i make my self like a sand hugged by wind and dumped to somewhere i dont know.
Its silly!

Im so sorry *i dont want you to say, dont being sorry or etc*
Its like a devil tickle my tummy unttil i give up and do this.
Damn, i hate my self!
How can i dying in this unwell?

Its like i have a bad dreams maker, nightmare, and good dream worker.
Who can control my self? i dont know.

i know, i deserve to be hated.
Why? because i made it.
But, i swear it, i never want do it.

Like a words isnt enought for me, but the reality is something bad dancing in my head.
I give my heart, i trust you so much, and i love you more than you know.
im the stupid queen in my messy kingdom.
Maybe red queen in alice in wonderland will envy, hahaha.

I cant stop remember all the things happened to me, you makes me smile unstopped, you make me cry but i thank God i know why, you makes me miss you in every single day of y life. *like Adam sandler's song playing in my head - Grow old with you*
then i cant stop minding the right words to make you happy. Because i love to see your smile. I love to see your laugh. I love to see your eyes. i love to see your hair. I love to see your cheeks. I love you too much, too deep.

I wish i have a wings, i can fly, i will fly and never come back.
I will dancing with the clouds before the rain remove them.
i hope God always hear my pray in everynight before i sleep, i wanna this wonderful story be a greatest story for me.
I wanna be with you forever last.
*playing inches of you by*
*continue with mandy moore- i wanna be with you*
---pssst, why i write lots of song tittle here? haha---

The hardest think i feel is, lose you. Because im sick and im well because of you.
Every i laugh and talk with you, like the star killing the emptyness.
And everytime i feel you so far, i feel sick, like my life have no colors.
is it you named love, God?

then, if i have a time machine -like doraemon had- what should i do?
need i change to a bad girl? haha.

singing 'Think of Love' by Risin Black Hole
sometimes i wanna give you all the time that i have
Cause when you smile it seems all problems vanished to the sky.
oh i was thinking, why i need you more? why i need you more?

Sometimes i wanna give you all the love that i have
cause when you die my world come tumbling down in front of me.
Oh i was thinking why i need you more each daaaay?

When i think of love...
I just think of you
i said i want you want you to be my wife*harusnya husband nih*

finally, i feel better. i dont know why.
I dont think what will happen after this, i just want to share it.
i think i should make a good poems and ask to mr. Agus to make a song from that. hahaha.

sorry isnt mean a lot, but sorry is a hard word to say.
please accept my apologize.
jaz te ljubim toliko *find it in translator ROFL*

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