Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I love you so by MILV

Buat yang udah pernah denger opening song film gue, bahkan yang sudah ngevote atau nonton. Pasti tau lagu I Love You So kan?
Nah ini gue kasih liriknyaaaa....

why you dont go in hre morning
so i can stand, awake and go
why you still here in the evening
i cannot sleep, im feel so low

everyday im feelin you
i hope you feel the sunlight
everyday im thinking about you sorry thats all i've got

reff : cause i love you so
but icant get you
cause i love you so
and i dont know what to do

oh..iknow im always hide
cause i dont know how to get fight
im yelling!!, im fghting with myself
just try to get the smile of you

bridge : can you feel it, can you see it
can you see that im broken
i'll give all my love for you, if you want me too
cant you feel it, cant you see it
cant you see that im broken
i hope you enjoy your time with somebody new !
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_love you so_MILV_D

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